CSS 3/Sass


Labosalem portail

Website Design & Development

Labosalem Portail is Salem Laboratory's corporate website that helps inform and guide users to the company's other websites. I designed and developed it using HTML, CSS/Sass and JavaScript.


The project

I was tasked with the design of a portal website for Salem Laboratory which aimed to inform and direct users to other various websites of the group.

Customers could be basically divided into four groups; the doctors, the wholesalers, the pharmacist, and the clients. Professionals, like the pharmacists or the wholesalers, need to access the company's one-line retail platform, whereas clients and doctors should be directed to the corporate and products website.


To achieve these goals, I opted for a one-page layout website divided into four sections. One of those sections allows users to choose a profession, they are then presented with specific content based on that choice.